Solve parking problems, instead of offering reward for pics


Vehicles encorach the street in Pratiksha Nagar. (Photo: Rajesh Jadhav)

There is no space in Mumbai for residents to park cars.

 Mumbaikars have bemoaned that no rule will help solve parking problems in the city. There are several places where people park their cars illegally and the police never takes any action. There is no space in Mumbai for residents to park cars. According to the denizens of Mumbai, instead of just posting photographs of illegal parking to Union minister of road transport and highways, Nitin Gadkari, and getting rewards for the same, the government should start making arrangements to solve the problem.  
Residents of Worli, Bhoiwada, Sion and Dadar said housing societies do not provide adequate parking space, which leaves them with no option but to park their vehicles on roads. “We have a big issue of parking in the society. We are left with no other option but to park our vehicles on the road,” said Jayesh Shelar, resident of Shivsai Raj housing society in Bhoiwada.
The owner of a Bhoiwada shop, “Sweet Baby” said, “There are some taxi drivers, and other people who always park their vehicles illegally on the road. We have called on the traffic police number but when they came and charged fines, people removed their cars but after they left, the cars would be back.”
Another resident from Pratiksha Nagar area, Sharad Gaikwad said, “The situation is so bad that even an ambulance or fire engine cannot enter such a congested road.”
We have requested officials several times but the place continues to be full of vehicles.”