Paucity of parking space inconveniences to tourists

Sep 23, 2017, 06:10 IST

MYSURU: Finding a parking spot that is both close and convenient in the city can be a very exasperating experience, for both residents and tourists. The lack of sufficient parking space across the city has thrown up a whole host of problems for motorists, particularly at venues hosting Dasara events.

Although Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) managed to provide parking space at the Town Hall premises in the city centre, and the Mysuru Palace 
Board made arrangements to provide parking facilities in front of the Balarama Gate, the magnitude of the problem is such that these measures have not had considerable impact. Started five years ago, the multi-level parking lot at Sayyaji Rao Road is yet to be completed. However, mayor MJ Ravikumar said that he would permit parking of vehicles inside the under-construction parking lot on a temporary basis.

With hundreds of tourists pouring into the city - many arriving on their own vehicles - the problem is being felt even more acutely since Thursday. Ram Kumar, a Bengalurean who is in the city to watch the Dasara celebrations, complained that traffic police were preventing him from parking his car on all arterial roads. "And the hotel where we are booked has no parking facility. As a result, I am forced to park my car about 2km from the centre of the city," he said.

Another tourist Ravindra Pai said that lack of adequate parking space at the ket venues was a major handicap. "The book exhibition has been set up along the main road. But there is no space to park our vehicle. Consequently, many tourists are avoiding the event. We have to walk long distances from where we are parked. Tourists are facing a similar problem at the flower show as well," said Pai, adding that only the Dasara exhibition grounds were provided adequate parking facilities.

It's not just tourists who have been inconvenienced by this problem. Mahesh Nayak, a trader at Devaraj Urs Market pointed out that prohibitions on parking within the Central Business District (CBD) was a major problem for locals. "Until last week, we were allowed to park our vehicles on main roads within CBD. But with areas around the palace and the city bus stand being notified as no-parking zones, we are left clueless. We face this problem every year during Dasara," said Nayak.

Meanwhile, mayor Ravikumar told The Times of India that parking would now be permitted at the under-construction facility would solve the problem to a great extent. "The facility can accommodate more than 800 vehicles," said Ravikumar.