Parking Loot: PMC panel for Electronic Ticketing Machine

Civic administration to appoint team for each area to keep a check on its parking facilities.

To keep a check on the violation of rules by contractors appointed to implement pay-and-park facility on civic property, the standing committee of the Pune Municipal Corporation has called for making electronic ticket vending machines mandatory at all civic-owned parking lot. The civic administration has, however, eased provision of action against contractors violating the rules.

“There are too many complaints about the pay-and-park facilities run by contractors. There is a lack of administrative will to initiate action against those violating the rules by charging more money than what is allowed as parking fee,” said Ashwini Shinde, chairperson of the standing committee.

She said there was a need to take up the issue seriously as there was “rampant loot of people”.

“I have directed the civic administration to work towards making electronic ticket vending machines mandatory for all contractors to run a civic parking facility. This would provide a proof of the parking fee charged and also help the contractors keep a check on the staff appointed by them,” said Shinde.

When pointed out that some contractors were already using the electronic ticket machines to issue parking fee receipt but were found to be openly charging more than the amount permitted by the civic administration, Kadam said, “The civic administration has to be strict against those looting people.”

PMC estate department in-charge Satish Kulkarni said the only action that could be taken against those charging more parking fee was to cancel their contract but the civic administration felt the contractors should be given a chance to improve. “Hence, a new set of rules are being proposed that would enable penalising the contractor for first two complaints and cancel their contract if a similar complaint comes for the third time,” he said

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